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90 min Sonic Sweat 

Are you ready to tap into your inner wild woman?

Embark on a journey of self-liberation like never before.

Welcome to Activate, a transformative 90-minute Sonic Sweat by The Sweat Temple. More than just a workout class; Sonic Sweat is a transformative experience that goes beyond the boundaries of your traditional fitness.


Our Story

For the very first time, Jenna and Dina are bringing their synergistic energy into Activate, inviting you to join them in a journey of self-discovery, sweat and empowerment. Together, they've crafted a space where women can release their inner wildness and embrace a liberated and expressed sense of self (who you truly are!)

Immerse yourself in this dynamic blend of live drumming, dance, voice, sound, and movement carefully curated for women seeking more than just physical exertion. Prepare to break free from the ordinary and activate the extraordinary within you.


This workshop goes beyond the realm of a typical fitness class, offering a unique blend of movement, rhythm, and connection.


Come ready to sweat, dance, sing and rest!


Uncover and rediscover your Wild Woman

Jenna              -                 Dina
Movement & Voice                                       Sound Alchemist

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