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About Jenna Lee Prince

Jenna is the founder of Sweat Temple, a class that combines elements of breath, dance and sound into a 1 hour and 15min class.

A place where you can open your heart, strengthen your body and release your mind.

Jenna is a NASM certified personal trainer and kundalini yoga breathwork teacher. She learned how to sing from her mom and grandma in church and uses her God-given gift of sound and song to create a type of sound bath experience inside of Sweat Temple.


The Sweat Temple was created as a place that can help women move, grow, sweat and release. 


Having spent 8 years teaching in the fitness and wellness industry, Jenna has taught everything from rhythm riding indoor cycling, to pilates, bootcamp and dance fitness. 

She was born and raised in East Texas and a graduate of Texas A&M University. 


After living in Bali for a year and a half, she decided it was time to head back home to Texas, root down and bring to life this unique dance class for women.

Jenna currently resides in Austin, Texas.


She enjoys working out in the gym, sitting in the Texas country silence with a nice view, cityscape hotel views, people watching, a good sauna / cold plunge, spending time with her family and discovering new ways to improve and refine the Sweat Temple product 

An artist, painter, lover, singer and friend.

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