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"Global Discovery Movement"   

that brings women together through a

"Sultry Tribal Dance"


What it is:

A  75min dance and sound workout class for women. 

The Sweat Temple was born out of a unique way to move the body called "Wild Body Movement".  This class is rooted in elements of energy work,  yoga, breathwork, pilates, drumming, sound and choreographed tribal hip-hop dance.

 The Sweat Temple is a class that creates a build of energy within the body and  creates a harmonic release within the individual and the room.

Emotional, mental and physical fitness, all under one roof


The Sweat Temple Experience ™️ 

A 1 hour class of dance, breath and sound. Sweat Temple will open your heart,  strengthen the body, free your mind and your soul


“It’s an invigorating experience to move so fiercely in unison with a troop. Along with our way of singing it feels tribal, like revisiting ancient practices.'' 

“A hip-hop sultry fusion where we vocalize, harmonize and chant together.”


“I was so enlivened and left with profound clarity"

“Free the hood, activate your sex, come home to sisterhood.” 

- OLIVIA PAVLOV @livlovetantra


When the heart and mind are in unison, something very special happens


Join us for a Delune pop-up on May 30th

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